ASSOB offers a simple and accelerated means for quality start-ups, small-to-medium sized and pre-IPO enterprises to take their company to the next level.


Companies wanting to undertake a capital raising campaign through the ASSOB Platform are required to engage an approved 'Partner' to assist with our admission procedure and compliance with ongoing obligations under our 'ASSOB Rules of Admission'.

Partners are professional business advisors such as accountants, corporate advisors, business consultants, finance brokers, and lawyers that 'bolt-on' the ASSOB capital raising services as an adjunct to their firm's core service offerings.  Partners shepherd companies seeking alternative means for raising growth and expansion capital through the fundraising process, as well as providing services in their dedicated area of expertise. 

Partners are important in guiding companies through our requirements for admission, liaising directly with us in relation to a company' capital raising campaign and instructing companies in relation to our expectations for maintaining admission to our Platform.  Partners help companies understand our application process and guide them in their responsibilities and obligations to ASSOB as well as promoting companies to their network of investors.

A Partner is not required for a compliance listing on our Platform.

Become a Partner