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Our Fees

We do not charge investors a fee.

Capital Raising Campaigns

ASSOB prepares and shapes entrepreneurs, growing companies and management teams for a capital raising event.  Through our subsidiary company ASSOB Capital, we can assist you to:

  • understand the realities of raising equity capital and how the legislation works,
  • develop a funding strategy appropriate to your company,
  • establish your equity structure, issue price and capital requirements,
  • shape your company in readiness to take on investors,
  • manage due diligence enquiries,
  • prepare investment and promotional materials for investors,
  • identify your target investment audience and negotiate with potential investors,
  • understand your corporate governance requirements and share registry processes,
  • feel supported throughout the entire capital raising campaign process, and
  • engage directly with our world-renowned ASSOB OfferBoard online investment platform for the promotion of your investment opportunity and as a central hub for communication between you and potential investors and shareholders.

Fee Structure

ASSOB Capital has a well-defined capital raising planning process developed specifically for unlisted companies seeking to raise equity capital.
We charge fixed-fees for our advisory services and we do our very best to make the equity capital raising process as efficient, affordable and as straight forward as possible.
We will usually advise you of our fees following our first appointment and we will then provide you with a written engagement document, setting out the fixed fees and any expected disbursements for our advisory services.  That way, you will know what costs have been agreed to before any of our services are delivered and you pay for the value of the work we do, not the time it takes, giving you greater certainty about the capital raising process.

Fixed Fees

With our fixed fee system you will know what your costs will amount to so you can make arrangements for the payment of your fees and you can be fully confident that your capital raising campaign will be handled professionally and expediently.
You will only make payments when a section of work has been completed and at a cost that has been predetermined by you and ASSOB Capital.
Upfront costs for engaging ASSOB Capital and using the ASSOB OfferBoard online investment platform to promote your capital raising campaign, include:

$990.00 (inc. GST) Investor Readiness and Due Diligence Assessment

Unique to our process is our initial Investor Readiness and Due Diligence Assessment where we quickly ascertain issues related to your company that will need to be addressed before starting the capital raising process.  By assessing your level of investor readiness early in our engagement process, we are able to provide objective guidance about your capital raising potential and advise you on how best to achieve your capital raising goals.

$3,960.00 (inc. GST) Marketing Materials and Due Diligence Evaluation

As we move your capital raising campaign from the planning stage into the offer marketing and launch phase, we evaluate your marketing materials by verifying your statements to ensure that information is fair and reasonable and not misleading to investors.  We provide you with the information, tools and assistance to achieve this objective with the goal of publishing and promoting your offer, video and investment pitch using the ASSOB OfferBoard online investment platform.

8.8% (inc. GST) ASSOB Transaction Fee

This fee is calculated to equate to the average value of the work involved in handling a company's capital raising campaign over the entire campaign period.  How hard you want to make our team work to get as much as possible out of your ASSOB Transaction Fee is totally up to you.  When your campaign raises money, a transaction fee of 8.8% is deducted before the funds are dispersed to you.

Optional Services

  • Investment Document
    Option 1 – Self Serve
    $660.00 (inc. GST)
    Microsoft Word "offer document" template partially populated with results of the final share capital structure so you can arrange completion, director sign-off and graphic design
  • Option 2 – Fully Supported
    $4,400.00 (inc. GST)
    Microsoft Word "offer document" substantially populated with our assistance and guidance so you can arrange completion, director sign-off and graphic design
  • Company Formation / Conversion
    $700 (approx.)
    If required
  • Trust Account and Share Registry Service
    $1,250.00 (inc. GST)
    Once-off trust account and registry set-up fee
    $132.00 (inc. GST)
    Fee charged per share application processed
                Fees payable out of funds raised and released only

***If an external corporate advisor, media relations consultant or ASSOB Partner / Sponsor is engaged by you for admission to the ASSOB Platform only, costs are to be negotiated between you and the corporate advisor directly.  However, the above pricing is a correct cost of ASSOB Fees for any company seeking admission to the ASSOB Platform generally.

Compliance Profiling Campaign

The market for ordinary shares must be considered to be illiquid and likely to remain illiquid whilst the company remains an unlisted entity.  However, a Compliance Profiling Campaign provides unlisted companies with the opportunity to have their company profiled and promoted through the ASSOB OfferBoard Platform for the purpose of giving its shareholders an avenue to offer for sale some or all of their securities.
Whilst the ASSOB OfferBoard Platform is not an established market for the sale or purchase of securities like a stock exchange, we do provide a mechanism which assists in facilitating sales or transfers of issued securities and promoting your company through our marketing channels.

A Compliance Profiling Campaign operates upon company disclosure and enhanced shareholder communication, so to provide your shareholders with the benefit of a Compliance Profiling Campaign, companies need to provide company documentation, demonstrate their corporate governance and commit to frequently updating their Company Profile Page to assist sellers in communicating the company's potential to interested investors.

Please note that neither ASSOB Pty Ltd, nor its employees or participants or affiliates such as Sponsors or Partners, are securities dealers or intermediaries to any established stock market and cannot buy or sell securities.

Fixed Fees

Our application fee is $990 (GST inc.) to apply for admission of a Compliance profiling for your Company to our Platform.