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How Does ASSOB Work?

ASSOB is a low–cost online platform designed specifically for smaller growing companies to build awareness and visibility in their enterprise, easily distribute key documents and promotional materials, raise new capital through equity campaigns and provide potential investors with efficient access to company information.

Because of our low fee service model, we are able to offer low-cost access to capital. We provide the tools and processes to assist companies with all the technical aspects of capital raising so they can concentrate on what they do best – growing their business.

Our interactive platform assists private, unlisted and pre-IPO companies in connecting with their existing social network (Funders) to raise business capital between $250,000 and $5 million.  Funders can be anyone from friends, family and followers, colleagues, customers or suppliers, who all believe and place their trust in the individuals who run the company, to wholesale and sophisticated investors or professional and overseas investors who believe in a company's idea, business plan, management, strategies and direction.

In addition, our Platform is secure and straightforward which encourages Funder confidence.  We demand transparency, compliance and visibility from all our participants and we regulate and monitor companies through our 'ASSOB Rules of Admission' which provides clear guidelines of our expectations.

We use facilities such as non-statutory trust accounts, share registrar services, cooling-off periods, minimum subscription amounts and professionally prepared investment documents.  We strive to present clear and well-defined information in plain English from companies and we request that each company's public documents are available for download on our Platform.

As companies connect through our platform, they also benefit from those Funders who have engaged with their story and feel confident in the ASSOB process.  As a result, these Funders become like-minded and willing to invest cash in exchange for a stake in your business.

At its core, ASSOB gives unlisted companies the opportunity to take control of raising funds and provides sellers in unlisted companies a forum for the sale of their issued securities.  All of this is done through a carefully structured and proven process which includes stringent compliance, specifically structured around the requirements of Australian fund raising law > ASIC Class Order 02/273 exemption and section 708 of the Corporations Act (Cth) 2001.  As a further feature to our system, we provide ongoing guidance to companies about best practice for compliance and corporate governance.

We take advantage of many of the techniques used by stock exchange listed companies, conveying this knowledge and bridging the gap for those unlisted companies to compliantly promote their businesses through our Platform, to either raise capital or provide a forum for the sale of their issued securities. 

Our networks, business acumen, facilitation experience and track record of success are at each company's disposal, every step of the way. ASSOB has a large, diverse and committed community of stakeholders. Specialist advisers are crucial to our profiled companies' success, and range from dedicated corporate advisors (Partners) who play a central role in the life of a company, to share registrar and trust account operators, public relations and investor relations agencies.

In short, ASSOB is there to assist you in gaining support, transparency and investment in your company.

The Finer Points:

Whilst companies need not be profitable or have a minimum shareholders' spread, they do need to show that they have a viable business, growth prospects, a valuation which can withstand scrutiny and an ability to gather sufficient Funders.  The more relevant the information and documentation an application has to support a company's profiling on our Platform, the easier it will be to build a credible investment opportunity for showcasing and the more incentive a Funder has to invest.

In order to be accepted for admission to the ASSOB platform, each company is put through our due diligence process where all applications are reviewed by our Admissions Committee.  Our Committee researches proposed directors for integrity and character, reviews the company's business and presence in the marketplace, and ascertains the value behind proposed share structures to unlock concepts that companies often fail to develop.

Companies applying for admission to ASSOB and those which are currently profiled through our Platform are required to follow the admission process as outlined in our Terms & Conditions and adhere to disclosure requirements as set out our ASSOB Rules of Admission.

Upon completion of a suitable investment document (for capital raising campaigns) or company profile (for compliance campaigns), our Listing Committee undertakes a legal and commercial due diligence of the document to determine if its content is suitable for profiling through our Platform.  The Listing Committee deliberates on the admissibility of the content and they will either approve, decline or indicate relevant changes to be made if there is a need for further clarification.  This due diligence serves to improve an investment opportunity's chance for success and to minimise legal risks resulting from ambiguity.

Upon approval of an investment document, ASSOB features the company on an independent homepage, promotes the company in our press and exposes the capital raising campaign via social media through our networks. At the same time it is expected that the company has started to network its own Funders so they can support the company before, during and after its campaign.

However, a company's success ultimately depends on that company keeping its campaign fresh and active by releasing announcements, media or attachments that will be uploaded to our Platform or promoted through our press to keep Funders updated. 

Still Not Sure?

If you have a question about the ASSOB Platform or how you can benefit from a capital raising campaign or secondary sale forum, please let us know via this link - Contact Us.

All enquiries will be handled within two (2) business days.