ASSOB offers a simple and accelerated means for quality start-ups, small-to-medium sized and pre-IPO enterprises to take their company to the next level.

ASSOB Primary Board

This is where companies are profiled.

The companies you view after clicking on the OfferBoard button below are either in the process of raising capital or have completed raising their capital and have remained for "secondary sales".

Not all companies presently profiled on ASSOB are visible on the OfferBoard. This is because a company's capital raising campaign goes through various stages to ensure the best capital raising outcome. It is only when a company is "LIVE" that the link is visible on our Primary Board.

For companies which are not yet Live, its Company Profile Page can be reached by adding the unique 3 digit profiling code to the end of

As an example if you wanted to view the Selfwealth Ltd Company Profile Page you would use the code SWE, as follows

The different stages in the ASSOB capital raising process are:

Pending: The Company Profile Page is being built and populated by our staff. Only ASSOB can reach the page at this time.

Preview: The Company Profile Page has all the information required by ASSOB to begin promoting the upcoming capital raising campaign.  The Company Profile Page is available for those that have the direct link to the page. Investment documents and/or share application form are not available at this time as the capital raising offer is still being finalised. However, "Followers" can still register their interest in this upcoming investment opportunity.

EarlyBird/VIP: The investment document and other company and supporting documentation are now available for download on the Company Profile Page by using the direct link. During this EarlyBird/VIP stage, known "Followers" are regularly communicated with by the company or its Partner so that investors can learn more about the company and its business. It is at this stage that investors should start investing.

Live: The page is visible on the ASSOB OfferBoard.

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