ASSOB is there to assist you in gaining support, transparency and investment in your company.

Benefits of investing via the ASSOB Platform

Prior to investing

  1. Due Diligence undertaken by ASSOB Legal to ensure a company is suitable for admission to the Platform
  2. Companies mentored by a corporate advisor to assess business model, scalability, path to market, competitive advantage, financials & valuation, board & management team strength, use of funds, development milestones and many other factors critical to success.
  3. Meet the founders, directors and management personally and 'walk-the-floor' of the business
  4. Professionally prepared documents are produced for the capital raising and available for easy download

Investment process

  1. Proper equity ownership recording
  2. Minimum Subscription clearly detailed and managed
  3. Non-statutory trust accounting practices to hold funds until preconditions are satisfied
  4. ASIC lodgement monitoring
  5. Adherence to initial and ongoing ASSOB compliance requirements in addition to legislative obligations.
  6. Cooling off periods prescribed

After investing

  1. Company Profile page tracks the company's performance and communication
  2. Secondary sales of shares through ASSOB's Secondary Sales facility
  3. Enhanced investor relations through Announcements
  4. Company Documents archived for download