Any idea, passion or vision can be discovered with ASSOB, all it takes is the simple action of making today the day to start it.

How does ASSOB work?

ASSOB is an interactive platform that connects quality private, unlisted and pre-IPO companies with investors and supporters of a company who want to engage financially (Funders). 

Our Platform provides a centralised, investor-friendly forum designed to facilitate investment.  We offer a large portfolio of new start-up and established company growth propositions, and we publish individual profiles for each company containing all the relevant information a Funder  might want to know prior to making their own enquiries

Each company profiled on the ASSOB Platform has been subjected to a high quality due diligence process to ensure that the company is suitable for promotion by ASSOB prior to being accepted for admission to our Board. 

Companies are required to report regularly through the Platform about their quarterly activities and are assessed and monitored having regard to their corporate governance procedures (such as AGMs or financial reports or changes to company details) and stated milestones.  Company announcements are prepared and/or reviewed by ASSOB and reflect an unbiased account of companies whilst they are published through our Platform.

Our ASSOB model is secure and straightforward to encourage funder confidence.  We demand transparency, compliance and visibility from all our participants and we have taken the initiative by regulating and monitoring companies through our 'ASSOB Rules of Admission' to provide participants with clear guidelines of our expectations.

We use facilities such as non-statutory trust accounts, share registrar services, cooling-off periods, minimum subscription amounts and professionally prepared investment documents.  We strive to present clear and well defined information in plain English and we request that each company's public documents are available for download on our Platform.

By gathering and distilling much of the available information about our profiled companies, we offer Funders a great place to begin their own investment analysis of tomorrow's leading innovators.


ASSOB has a large, diverse and committed community of stakeholders who work together to support Funders in every possible way.  Our model ensures proper equity ownership recording, non-statutory trust accounting practices, ASIC lodgement and corporate governance procedures and enhanced investor relations, all to minimise risks for Funders.  Our networks, business acumen, facilitation experience and track record of success are at your disposal, every step of the way (with the exception of financial advice).