ASSOB offers a simple and accelerated means for quality start-ups, small-to-medium sized and pre-IPO enterprises to take their company to the next level.


Knowing that investing in unlisted companies carries a certain amount of risk is probably one of the first things any investor should be aware of. This is because the returns on capital are not guaranteed; not by the government, not by ASIC, not by the company issuing the securities or the seller who is selling securities, and certainly not by ASSOB. That means that there is a chance that your actual revenue will be different than what you had expected.

ASSOB does not give financial advice of any kind. We simply provide the tools for companies and funders to communicate more efficiently and manage what is needed for a successful transaction. It is up to every funder to read the information provided by the company and ask questions from those involved before making any investment decision. Funders should seek independent advice from an Australian Financial Services Licensee who is qualified to provide such advice and it is essential that funders undertake their own due diligence about the industry, market opportunity and competitors.